Naturally Energy

Energeticamente produces and supplies clean energy.

With twenty years of experience in the sector, we operate through a specialised and highly qualified staff for each business area.

Thanks to our skills, we manage the development process at every stage, from the identification of the lamds to the technical-administrative management of the plants once in operation. We develop tailor-made projects, identifying the most appropriate and high-performance solutions on a time to time basis.

Our assets

We operate in the field of solar, wind and hydro energy, anticipating market trends and stakeholders’ needs.





Asset development

We encourage and promote the link with the territory at a national level: a dedicated team regularly dialogues with local institutions and communities to establish and maintain a constructive, collaborative relationship and shared benefits.

In partnership with all the parties involved, land owners, inhabitants and companies in the area, we consider respect and listening to be two key factors in being able to develop sustainable initiatives from both an environmental and an economic point of view.

Why choose us?

From the search for the most suitable areas for the projects, we develop the best solutions according to the characteristics of the installation site, following the logic of maximising producibility and optimising investment costs.

Experience and know how

Human resources

Experience and know how

We undertake each project with the determination necessary to achieve the results that our partners have set themselves, in compliance with the established deadlines, budget and available resources.

fter careful data and information processing and an in-depth site analysis, we select the technologies that allow us to achieve the highest quality standards in order to ensure the duration of the plant and its producibility over time.

In the design stage, we develop and adopt mathematical models dedicated to the simulation and prediction of the system in place in that specific context, to maximise efficiency.

We directly manage all the phases dedicated to the construction of the plants, from the development of the project to obtaining the authorisations, as well as the possible construction (EPC/EPCM) and the performance tests, up to the implementation and operational management. Thanks to our specialised team and dedicated monitoring technologies, we offer services for the ordinary and preventive maintenance of the systems built.

Human resources

The strength of Energeticamente lies in the people who work there: the importance of the individuals and the sharing of common values are the basis to build a goal-oriented team determined to make a difference.

With a long track record of important projects, our team is made up of managers and skilled professional & technicians with over ten years of international experience in the renewable energy sector.

More than 100 different professionals are potentially involved in a single project, to keep on with the commitments made and to seize the opportunities that arise depending on the context, starting with obtaining specific subsidies/concessions.